19 reasons you might be struggling to hire in a professional office.

Hiring, for instance, in a Wealth Advisory office isn’t complicated. Whether the office is for Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors, or Wealth Management Specialist typically, staff consists of someone on the front desk and someone assisting Financial Planners with processing in the back office. Add more Producers, add more staff.

Easy peasy, right?

Then why does finding the right people often pose such a problem?

Here are 19 ways that hiring in your professional office can go awry:

1.    Your candidate doesn’t truly understand confidentiality.
2.    Your candidate doesn’t know as much as you do about compliance.
3.    You don’t know if your front office candidate is truly congenial.
4.    You don’t know if your back office candidate talks too much.
5.    You spend too much time hiring.
6.    You spend too little time hiring.
7.    There are no clear accountabilities for your back office staff.
8.    You haven’t tested for personal skills for support staff.
9.    You aren’t thinking about the successful behaviors of the job you wish to fill.
10.    You don’t understand the attitudes necessary in each job in your office.
11.    You are not treating every job as critical.
12.    You aren’t effectively screening candidates for elimination.
13.    You are not benchmarking each job for behavior and skills.
14.    You aren’t assessing for behavior and skills.
15.    You are Panic Hiring.
16.    Your hires struggle to follow directions.
17.    You don’t know if your back office staff has the necessary attention to detail.
18.    You don’t know if your producers can bring in clients.
19.    You don’t know if your producer candidate has the motivation to make money.

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Ruth Schwartz

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