Month: July 2009

TAB Member Randy Fletcher Digs Dirt

TAB Member Randy Fletcher told me a fantastic story about digging holes in the dirt in his spare time for fun. Randy owns Fletcher Insurance and Jenn, Inc in Marysville and moves a lot of dirt in Yuba County. Come

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Small Biz Owners Share Problems

A reporter From the San Antonio Express came to a TAB board meeting and wrote a  great view of what it is  like to be a part of a group of business owners who really care about themselves, their business

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Build a Better Website Resource

While researching hiring systems and incentive plans for TAB board members, I ran into “Building a Better Website” on’s website. There are 22 How-to guides in these catagories: Make Sure Everything Clicks ( hosts, performance, links and utilities) Content

Virginie Cayer of VJ’s Salon, Grass Valley

Virginie has been my hairdresser for 15 years. I didn’t think I would be able to replace my San Francisco hairdresser until I met Virginie and now no one else touches my hair. She and her staff are working hard

Visiting with Le Tip, Grass Valley

I have been a member of Grass Valley’s lunch time Le Tip networking group for almost three years. Dollar for dollar this networking group has netted more business for me in a number of different ways than any other marketing