Month: September 2009

Dickson Construction helps elders stay at home

It is a tough time to be a residential builder. Besides Bruce’s stellar personality and Australian accent, he’s found a way to offer an important service to those people who would otherwise be looking to move into a residential care

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How To Kill Your Small Business

This summer has been  a tension filled small business roller coaster. That is why this article “How to Kill Your Small Business” by Lisa Barone  on the Small Business Brief website caught my eye.  It is also why September has

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Louise Preston reviews Creating Brainstorming CD

Louise Preston, local massage therapist, graphic artist and fellow Le Tip member came to my workshop titled “Four Steps to Surviving Economic Change.” Then she listened to a CD for sale in the HPA shop titled, “Creative Brainstorming.” Here she

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Nevada County Gets TAB award

I just returned from my first TAB facilitators conference. The biggest surprise (not necessarily the biggest take away) for me was that I was awarded, out of hundreds of international facilitators an award for the biggest launch of the last