Month: November 2009

The news from Robin at Plan It Solar, Penn Valley

Plan it Solar have done a good deed by helping home owners and businesses use an online calculator to see what the pay off will be for adding various levels of solar to their energy plan. Brilliant. I caught up

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Grass Valley Chamber Table Top Mixer

I took no less than 12 video commercials of attendees at the first GV Chamber table top mixer two weeks ago. There are two reasons that I did this. I love one minute videos with local business people and not

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What Marc Greenberg taught me

The Internet is Not a Territory In 2003 when Apple announced the launch of iTunes, I was in the audience in Cupertino as an independent content provider. It had been many rough years leading up to this. For years record

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Lacey Bowman talks about The Alternative Board

I just finished a TAB Board meeting where we used a problem solving model to be clear about what problem we are solving before we jump to the solution. How many times have we “solved” a problem only to figure

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