Month: December 2009

Katy Hight takes over the NC Business News

I knew that our local business magazine Business News had changed ownership. But it took three issues to finally see Katy Hight’s mark. As a graphic designer she has added her style but by the last issue she also changed

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Top Business Books for 2009- A Year’s Worth of Reading

My 2009 book list looks like the New York Times bestseller list. I guess that all those readers can’t be wrong.  How agreeable is that? I read a lot!  If you have the least inclination to read books in the

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What to do with a pile of old computers

Michael Anderson of Clientworks in Nevada City is a member of The Alternative Board. I showed up at his office one day to find that he had a pile of old computers by the driveway. It was the perfect opportunity

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How to be Accountable

I have brought up the subject of self control, procrastination and accountability with two TAB groups of business owners. I’ve presented some of Dan Ariely‘s findings from Predictable Irrationality where he finds by trial that while we perform better when

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