Month: March 2010

Hiring and Hoping is a thing of the Past

Employers: Here is our old habit: Resume, interview, hope for the best. Here is our new habit: Interview only those people who prove to you, through a three step hiring system that they are worth your time to hire. Interview

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95959 Google Bit Video a Must See

In case you don’t already know, Google is holding a contest to give away A LOT of bandwidth. Nevada County, CA  is in the running. Reinette Senum, Nevada City’s Mayor sent out the link to a video produced by Suzanne

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My Top 10 About Turning 50 This Week

I’ve been trying to come up with my Top 10 list in favor of turning 50. I feel great about it and I know there are at least ten.  So I will start with the first two and ask you

Success begets Success

As I have been coaching others to improve their business, I’ve noticed a couple of interesting side effects. Some of my clients become happy. The more successful they get the more motivated and happier they seem. And when they become

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Check Check out Inc. Mag’s online article “15 Ways to be More Productive”

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Judy Nichols teaches business owners how to read financial statements.

Last month Judy Nichols, local CPA, taught members of The Alternative Board how to read their balance sheet. It is surprising how boring that sounds and yet, for this group, how interesting it really was. Look out for Judy teaching

Cheryl Noble interviews Ruth Schwartz on NCTV

Cheryl Noble is true to her name. She is a writer, dog lover and has a genuine interest in people too. She and I are fellow columnists for The Nevada City Advocate. When Touchdown Productions was looking to take over their local show “Mission Possible” on NCTV she was anxious to take the reins. The day I came into the studio she interviewed Lew Sitzer and Paul Minicucci the management team who were busy creating a telethon to raise money for the county’s libraries. Then she followed it with to more noble women who promoted the local food bank. Leaving me for last. Here is the video and the links to put you in touch with Cheryl and the show. Thanks Cheryl!

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