Month: April 2010

Penny Lane Crull of Business Matters Testifies about Coaching

Business Matters is a Bookkeeping firm in Grass Valley, CA. Penny Lance is in the process of developing an on demand program for easily learning Quickbooks. Very impressive. Here Penny Lane talks about using business coaching to light the fire

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Survey Results: Peer Advisory Boards Boost Small Business Success

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Economists have not yet signaled the end of the recession, but according to an annual survey of the nation’s small business owners, released today, utilizing a peer advisory board is key to maintaining sustainability and even growth during a

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Are your business problems making you insane?

Driven to Distraction Are your business problems making you insane? At last week’s TAB Board meeting there were a few members who were trying to get back in tune with their lives. Whether it is their health, their happiness or

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Did you see this yet? Derek Sivers: How to start a movement

I hadn’t seen it yet.  I think its funny. If you are a fan of Seth Godin, and Derek Sivers is accused of hoisting the same video to prove the same point as Godin did previously, you’ll love this tribe

Persistence is the hallmark of profitable marketing plan

If you aren’t aware of the Nevada City Advocate, or my monthly business column there,  visit their website to see the latest. You can pick up The Advocate at local restaurants and supermarkets like SPD or Flour Garden. March 2010-

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