Month: May 2010

Article about Meetings hits The NC Advocate Website

The last article I wrote in the Nevada City  Advocate was about solving communications problems with –gasp– meetings! The kind of meetings where people want to attend because nothing is too sacred to talk about and people learn to solve

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Robert Trent talks about Sierra Commons

My series about Sierra Commons, the business incubator in Nevada City, CA continues. Here is executive director Robert Trent talking about what he is trying to accomplish.

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Continuing a day in the life of Sierra Commons, Nevada City

Shhhh…. let’s sneak into the conference room and see what types of things can happen in Nevada City, CA’s business incubator, Sierra Commons. Meet Cognizant Productions and Sonika Tinker.

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A tour of Sierra Commons in Nevada City

I stopped by one of my favorite spots in Nevada City- Sierra Commons–  at the top of the Stonehouse to capture a few videos of solopreneurs at work. But first Robert Trent gave me  the tour. Check it out.

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Book Review on Video: ” Rework” by Jason Fried

Don’t get me wrong. I really like Jason Fried. I like his company 37 Signals , his blog and his articles. I even like parts of this book. But, sheesh, it is a bit low on the intellectual stimulation meter.

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