Month: December 2010

Top 10 Business Reads for 2010

I am a voracious reader. Here is the stack on business or related topics that rose to the top this year. You can join my Linked In Reading List which includes short reviews. Or you can buy the books with

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Frustration, Pride or Toastmaster Training

I’m flip flopping between feeling frustration and pride with a bit of embarrassment mixed in. This morning was the second in a series of free teleseminars that I am holding about the upcoming business coaching series, The Village Prospers, in

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What are you doing to prosper in 2011?

Are you ready for a new decade? Small business owners need each other now more than ever. We are stronger together than we are alone. Join me- Wed. Dec. 29th  at 9:30 AM for a live teleseminar about what you

Fire Your Webmaster

I’m setting up links in my new website for The Alternative Board Gold Country. I’m creating a recommendation section. I’m posting them here as I go. First and foremost: Fire Your Webmaster Recommendations WordPress Wins! This is a popular story

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Last Week’s Great Moment

I have currently been working with four business owners on getting clear about the structure of their business. Why? Because no one in these particular companies knows what they were supposed to be doing or how they impact the big

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Replay of The Village Prospers Info Teleseminar

Two fantastic things happened to me yesterday. Number 1: A local TAB member made an amazing breakthrough. More about that later… Number 2: I thoroughly enjoyed the first free informational teleseminar all about “The Village Prospers” -The 90 day Business

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Ruth Speaks About Upcoming Business Teleseminar

Click here to learn more about The Village Prospers. Click here to Sign Up for Free Teleseminar

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Sign Up For Free Teleseminar

Find out what you can do in the next 90 days to create, re-create, and grow your business. The Village Prospers – The 90 Day Business Success Project. Sign up now for this free one-hour informational teleseminar for business owners

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Sign Up For Free Teleseminar

You are invited to a Free One-hour Teleseminar for Business Owners on 12/14 8:30 AM Find out what you can do in the next 90 days to create, re-create, or grow your business.Sign Up Now The Village Prospers – The

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Ed Townsend of Grass Valley Sign

I’m visiting with Ed Townsend of Grass Valley Sign. He has a unique shop with unique equipment. Here he talks about his wide format digital printer.

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