Month: February 2011

Executive Learning Lunch March 15th

Business Executive Learning Lunch – Sponsored by Robertson, Woodford and Summers, CPAs and The Alternative Board Tuesday, March 15th: Business Challenge Round Table What keeps you awake at night? The Economy,  Sales, Marketing, Raising Capital, Hiring… What creates excitement all

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Cafe Community Video from Small Business Fair at Sierra Commons

What a great idea Cheryl Noble and Andrew had to make quickie videos for anyone who visited last week’s small business fair at Sierra Commons and The Stonehouse.  Here’s mine with a few words about the fair and The Alternative

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Christina Hill Presents at Executive Learning Lunch

We were privileged to have a presentation by the Queen of WordPress, Christina Hills  of Website Creation Workshop at today’s Executive Learning Lunch sponsored by Robertson, Woodford and Summers CPAs and The Alternative Board. Here is what a couple of

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To Small Business Owners at the Dawn of the New Decade:

Today, I’m asking you to stop and ask these questions: Are you doing something that a computer can do or can be outsourced for less? Why are you doing what you are doing? Why are you selling what you are selling? Does your business work? Most importantly I am asking: What is your expertise?

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Executive Learning Lunch – Feb. 15th

“Take Control of Your Business, and Build Your Website with WordPress” – By Christina Hills In this presentation, Christina Hills, will talk about: Why you want to know how to control your website, and not be at the mercy of