Month: March 2011

Now I know what is YTMND….

Now I know what is YTMND….

Great Tips on Creating a Virtual Workplace

I’ve been meaning to pass on this Inc. Magazine article about creating a virtual and freelance workplace. I’ve been a proponent over the years that freelance is a great bootstrapping solution for both sides of the fence. Now Philip Rosedale has really innovated some ideas that take freelance to the next level. He blends a transparent company with good money for freelancers, cost savings for his company and a great sense of contribution. Bravo

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Reflections about Time Management Workshop

I have finally found the time to create my top 10 thoughts about last week’s workshop, “Regain Your Sanity. Time Management for Business Owners.”#4 We need to become fully engaged in our lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
#5 We will run ourselves to the point of exhaustion without as much a thought about how that is not a good way to be productive.

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A couple of seats left for Business Round Table tomorrow.

Tuesday at noon: March 15th: Business Executive Learning Lunch – Sponsored by Robertson, Woodford and Summers, CPAs and The Alternative Board

What keeps you awake at night?
The Economy, Sales, Marketing, Raising Capital, Hiring…
What creates excitement all day?
New Products, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Being an employer, New technology…
Come share your thoughts, hear what other local business owners are thinking about and doing to create opportunity in a challenging time.

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I Just Got Rid of Power Point Forever!

Think of it. Not more powerpoint! I joined the world of Prizi.

I just made my first Prizi presentation for my upcoming workshop on March 23rd. You can see all about Prizi and in fact my Regain Your Sanity – Time Management for Business Owners presentation below. You can also learn more about getting rid of powerpoint forever and using this simple and dynamic tool at

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Workshop for Seniors Interested in Cohousing coming up in April

I interviewed Chuck Durrett of McCamant and Durrett Architects, The Cohousing Store recently about a five day training coming up in April for people interested in starting a senior cohousing project in their community.

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If you haven’t heard Brene Brown talk on Vulnerability, do so now.

# Why did I show this Ted Talks video to a group of business owners? After all, Brene Brown is a psychologist and a researcher.
# Because having a place to be vulnerable as business owners is critical, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed. And we are feeling overwhelmed. You?

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The Alternative Board Workshops start again in March

“Regain Your Sanity: Don’t Manage Time, Manage Yourself “
Do you ever think, “I’m out of time.” “I don’t have enough time.” I need more time.” Newsflash: You have all the time there is.