Month: July 2011

Coaching Training 5- The Saga Continues

We are on day 10 of a 21 day intensive training. People are feeling all kinds of crazy things. They are tired, inspired, angry, insecure. The group is jostling around and I feel the same way

Coaching Training 4

TGIF. I am glad to get to head home tonight. I am also feeling a bit preoccupied with my own personal interactions and considering how a group – especially a group as intensive as this – can keep the love going all the time, for everyone.

Coach Training Diary – 2

About 500 yards from Shirley’s house is an huge open space with trails that go forever. I walk in the fog at 7 AM and am lost by 8AM. I am helped to find the way out. But I am so excited that this is so near me. I could live here for a while.

Coaching Diary- 3

But still I find that my limiting belief is to work myself to the bone because I have to. That is my coaching “aha.” By the time we are committing to new habits I find myself digging in my heels.

My Coach Training Diary- Intro

I’ve never kept a public diary. I’m actually not keen on private diaries either. But a 21 day intensive training is begging for it. I have decided to be brave and let you know what I am experiencing. For better or worse. Your comments are welcome.

Meet Generation Z

While working on my upcoming book, I went looking for more info on Generation Z, the oldest of whom are turning 17 or 18 this year… We thought we weren’t ready for Gen Why, get ready gang, we still have work to do to make great workplaces.

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Do You Need a Vacation?

I have been so busy this summer that I haven’t stopped long enough to blog on my own site. I’ve been trying to think of a way to break the fast when this message about vacations, or the lack of them arrived in my inbox from The Energy Group. Remember: It is passe to think about time management. It is all about energy management!

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