Month: August 2011

Elance – 10 Key Online Hires For Your Startup

Don’t do it all by yourself. Get help with the parts you aren’t good at. That’s my motto and I love working with Elance. Check out this post: 10 Key Online Hires For Your Startup Elance_Keith | August 17, 2011

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10 Linkedin Tips for Professionals

This post is a bit old but worth a replay. It is from Ian Brodie’s Marketing blog.
Here is a couple of videos that are helpful too.

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How to Tap Employee Ideas

I love this article about how to engage and align workers. It reminds us bosses that the ball is not in our court and you don’t nor should you have all the answers.

Entrepreneurs Are Artists – Forbes

When I left the music industry I swore I’d never work with artists again! Until I started working with entrepreneurs. The similarity is uncanny. Drew Hansen, a writer at Forbes thinks so too.

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Who Did I See at the Nevada County Fair?

This is Nevada County’s biggest event of the year and I almost didn’t go. Why? I hate the midway! When I made the commitment to meet my son there on Friday evening I set my intention to see my friends in booths! That made my evening so worthwhile. Thanks for the ride in the Ferris Wheel, Kelly!

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My Top 10 Learnings from the Academy of Coaching and NLP

Ruth’s Top 10 Learnings from ACN:

I attract the right things.
Anything’s Possible
We have all the resources we need
If you talk too much, you are working too hard
The client is in the driver’s seat
People know the answers
People want to be listened to deeply
Ask powerful questions
The more discomfort, the closer you are to your big dream
You can create the life you want

Aug. 16th Executive Learning Lunch

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