Month: September 2011

Dan Pink and the animated “Drive”

I may be a year behind but I just fell upon one of my favorite author’s entertaining videos. In this video, RSA draws his way through the idea that people are not generally motivated by money. In fact, the more complicated the task, the less motivated by money we are. Read the book. It is fascinating. Or catch the concept in this 10 minute video.

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The Twelve Attributes of a Truly Great Place to Work By Tony Schwartz

I’m not related to this guy but I love him like family. Tony Schwartz of The Energy Project had an article published today on the Harvard Business News site that is great as always. He nails it!

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The Art of Asking Questions

Many of the executives I coach have been thinking and learning about asking lots of and good questions. I was pleased that the Harvard Business Review put this in my in box

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Take My Survey, Please

Yipes! It’s September already. I want to know what you are trying to accomplish this year. Answer my four questions.

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Executive Learning Lunch – Sept 20

Sponsored monthly by Robertson, Woodford and Summers, CPAs and The Alternative Board
Tuesday Sept. 20 :“Business Challenge Round Table ”
If you ever feel as if you are the only person in the world who understands the shoes you wear each day as you run your business, this lunch is for you.

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