Month: November 2011

Look at What I Can Do!

So here is what I need you to do. Opt in to my new list. If you opt in to this list now, you will receive a free chapter from my upcoming book “The Key to the Golden Handcuffs” delivered to your email box. The book is in production and is slated for release in January.

Experts Industry Association Conference Part 1

It has been a full week since I was in San Jose at the inagural conference of The Experts’ Association. I have been processing my experience in my mind so that I would be even be able to review it for you. These guys are so cutting edge of internet informational products and sales and I see how much there is to learn about teaching expertise on the internet.

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Nov 15th- Executive Learning Lunch – Exit Plan

The Ingredients of a Successful Exit Plan

Tuesday Nov. 15thTime: Noon – 1:30
Price: Lunch is Free
Location: Baird Investment Group 360 Sierra College Dr. # 200 Grass Valley, CA

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If you open up your books, will people ask for more money?

Open Book Management is in the Australian news. Here is a well done update on the subject who’s time is upon us! “The two things that people wrongly perceive about open-book management is that if you open up your books, and you show people that you’re making money, they will ask for more money.”

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