Month: May 2012

How to Keep Employees Happy

One of the best ways to support people is to use the best and brightest part of each person, let them know their contribution is truly valued, and involve them in making decisions that impact them and your business.

The Insider’s Guide to Creating a Business that Runs Without You- Part Two

Business works at the speed of a nanosecond. Customers have millions of choices at their fingertips. Young workers are demanding flexibility. Labor unions are big business. The only way to run a business and survive is to open the books and each employees what it is to be in business.

The Insider’s Guide to Creating a Business that Runs Without You- Part One

The best way to create a business that runs without you is to create a transparent, open-book company— a company poised for success because employees are contributing partners in the business and are rewarded by compensation attached to the profitability

Building a Transparent Open-Book Company:
 3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Transparency in business means changing the way we think about aspects of our business such as determining who gets raises, how employees are evaluated, the channels of communication within the company, when meeting are held and how they are run, the role and responsibilities of employees, and who has access to the company financials. Making changes in these three areas means entrepreneurs and executives alike will begin to experience a shift in the way they do business. The result—a positive impact on the bottom line and the beginning of a process that will lead them away from being a slave to their business.

5 Ways to Stop Being A Slave to Your Business

Building a transparent company is the key to building a business that gives you freedom to be a leader. To stop being a slave to your business means moving towards trust and change and away from the status quo. It takes time to shift to a leadership role, but the results area well worth the effort. You’ll see positive changes that you never believed possible.

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Business Transparency: 12 Steps to Unlocking the Golden Handcuffs

The golden handcuffs are a metaphor for the physical, mental, and spiritual ties that lock entrepreneurs to their work. It’s the belief that you can’t leave your employees alone for a minute, that they can’t be trusted, that if you want something done right you need to do it yourself. The key is creating an atmosphere where everyone becomes a contributing partner in the business. To do this you must shift your attitude and develop a transparent company.