Month: September 2012

Are you Afraid to Hire?

If you were in business in 2008/9 if is likely that you downsized your business. The result was that we all contracted our businesses and started to wear more hats with fewer people, make due with less and hoard cash like slot machines.

Management Myth Busting

Recognize any of these?

Myth #1 “If only I knew how to manage better, my employees would do what I want them to do.”
Myth #2 “ I know my life would be easier if only I were a better delegator.”
Myth #3 “ If I was better at motivating people, my employees would do a better job.”

The Gap by Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan is the founder of The Strategic Coach. I have been reading Dan, listening to Dan and living vicariously through friends and clients who are and have attended The Strategic Coach Program. I believe this material to be world class. Since he welcomed people to share this recording with interested people, that is exactly what I am doing now.

Are Your Ready For a Change?

How do mature, successful business owners, and professionals start to get more life out of their life?