Month: October 2012

Attention managers and business owners

Are you tired of managing people? I’ll show you how you can become more effective when you Stop Managing People! Using simple techniques you will see Employees motivated in ways you may not have thought possible, freeing you from day

The Fail Proof Hiring Program Workshop

Are You Seeking Freedom for Yourself In Business? Make your life easier today and hire your dream employees: Put the right people in the right jobs.

Stop Managing and Start Leading Workshop

Are You Seeking Freedom for Yourself in Business? Stop Managing People! I’ll show you how to find freedom using powerful techniques.

Hiring with your Gut

Have you ever followed your gut instinct when hiring someone you thought was perfect for the job and ended up with a bad employee? Or have you ever hired a friend and then had to fire them? There is great risk in using these old methods of hiring. It’s time for a new hiring system.

Are your Employees Crazy?

Why put up with a crazy employee when you could have a great one? We’ve all had bad hires. Some people are really crazy. But most people who appear crazy are actually people in the wrong jobs. Are your employees really crazy or is it your job that is making crazy?

Passion into Action 2012

I am getting so excited about this year’s See Jane Do: Passion into Action Conference. This year I proudly get to bring my own passion to my own breakout session: Women and the Business 2.0 Revolution