Month: May 2013

Your Beliefs About Money

Creating an open-book company creates a lot of anxiety. Are you afraid that you will be judged harshly by your employees if you share financial information? What are your beliefs about transparency in business? I think I have heard them

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What is an Open-Book Company?

The Business 2.0 Revolution is one where people work to accomplish together what they cannot do alone. When we decide to share information and share the results of our labor in relation to the risk we take, we all prosper.This

Decisive – A Book Review

In the last week, I recommended the book, Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work, over six times. That may not seem like a lot, but as I look at that now, I recognize that six people in my life

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What is High Performance Leadership?

If you are or want to be a leader, at any level of an organization or business, ask yourself these questions: Do you have to: Solve all of the problems? Negotiate all the relationships? Make all the creative decisions? Manage

Time for a Transformation

I hope you are doing well. You are reading this today because you are a successful business owner who may have given thought to transforming your life and your business. However, as much as transformation sounds great, you never quite

The Business Owner Reboot

If you are like most of the business leaders I coach, you probably feel too busy to do the one thing you really want to do: find some freedom and spaciousness in your life. Along with your spring cleanse, consider

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Business Interruptus

I am Ruth Schwartz, and I am addicted to conferences. What are the 12 steps to curing that? In the 25 years I was in the music business I went to ONE conference.  I hated conferences.  I never went to

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Food Interruptus

In February I decided with my husband that we would join a 21-day food cleanse with one of the dear nutritional coaches in my life. We didn’t know exactly what she would do. But we decided to trust her. We

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