Month: July 2013

The Power of Sharing Your Core Values

When I started my music distribution company, Mordam Records, I began to hire people within a year. The first guy I hired was Martin. I had just put out my first record on my record label and I didn’t have

Why Do Core Values Matter?

  When you look back at your life, all the way through your available memory bank, what values have always been present? It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between those values that are core to you and those that are

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Tell Me a Story

Here’s one of mine: I remember the first job I had when I left home: Lyon’s Restaurant, Santa Rosa, CA. Eighteen years old and launching my life. I walked into that coffee shop and applied for a job as a

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What are Your Key Performance Indicators?

Everybody should be aware of each other’s KPIs. Open-book management is all about shared knowledge. And in my fifth post about open-book management, I want to talk about key performance indicators.¬†Everyone notices something in their job. There is a metronome

Prescription: Unplugged

Last year I unplugged for 6 days. This year I unplugged for 12 days. Next year my prescription will be 24 days. I cannot recommend any stronger that you prescribe the same medicine in your life. You may be thinking