Month: August 2013

It’s Time to Play Games

Small business management can be fun when you play games to teach employees how to impact the bottom line of your business and everyone’s a winner . . .

Admired Business Leader or Arrogant Jerk?

You want to be perceived as a business leader, but others see you as an arrogant jerk. Change perception by busting 3 business management myths . . .

Core Values – It Must be the Guy’s Fault

“Men hate to take orders from women. That is what created the problem between you and your male employee.” An old friend emailed this response to my last post, The Power of Sharing Your Core Values. Last week, I embarrassingly

The Power of Collective Values

This winter I joined Culturesync‘s Tribal Leadership Intensive. As a part of the intensive I was assigned a triad with two guys. (Hi, Russell. Hi, Todd.) Even though the intensive has ended, Russell, Todd and I still meet every Tuesday.

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