Month: September 2013

Gen Y Meets “The Gap”

Gen Y will be okay. The Huffington Post recently ran an article on the difficulties of growing up Gen Y. Of course, this is old news. The generation gap has been real and prevalent for over 10 years. The gist

What Have You Been Reading?

The last book I mentioned that was worth your attention with the book Decisive by Dan and Chip Heath. I still have many books in my stack, but here are a couple that are worthy of your attention. Contagious: Why

Some Cool Stuff

I’ve been presenting a speech called Admired Leader or Arrogant Jerk: Which are You? For the first time in a long time, people immediately ask me to give the presentation to other groups. Yay! I have a request. Request #1

How Do You Pay Your Employees?

Recommendation: Tie Compensation to the Profitability of Your Business So far you’ve learned about the following open-book management principles I’ve successfully used as a business coach and owner: You’ve learned your numbers. You are sharing and teaching your employees how