Month: February 2014

Stop Being a Mom!

I realize that being called a “Mom” as a derogatory term is well, awful. (They sure as heck don’t say, “stop being a Dad.”) I’ve written about this a few times, but it has come up again. Here’s the story:

To Evaluate or Not To Evaluate?

What is wrong with employee evaluations Everyone hates them. That is not a news flash. In a corporate setting, employee evaluations are a one-sided critique of performance that can be long, stiff, and impersonal. There is more fear about lawsuits

The Tribe in the Light of Day: Frontline Festival

The tribe that is dedicated to changing work and our businesses is gaining size and traction. More and more of us are willing to stand up and say, “I’m not willing to have my job or my business suck the

Are You a Goal Person or a System Person?

One more word about goals . . . “We learn what we need to learn the minute we need to learn it.” I am quoting myself. Sorry. Its sentiment is one of my favorite excuses. And I find it mostly