Month: January 2015

5 Steps to Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet

First reflect on the year you completed. Do you think it is valuable to stop and look at the progress you’ve made? When events don’t happen as we like or we plan, we tend to look at the horizon and get frustrated that we can never seem to reach it. And then what do we do? We get frustrated, we spin our wheels, get overwhelmed, throw stuff at the walls, give up.

How Would Picasso Design Your Org Chart?

Can this new org chart set the stage for your strategic plan? After all, a strategy is simply the steps you will take to make your vision come true. What will you need to think of, innovate, start, or stop to develop a strategy that represents the vision represented by your picture?

Why Complaining is Good Business

We need more people, perspectives, and ideas to solve most problems. Even the biggest complainers in our lives are asking for help, sounding the alarm or unearthing root problems that are not being addressed.