Ruth's Amazing and Unique California Bathing Adventures

Are you ready for Your  Next adventure?

If you are a solo traveler,  an explorer of the off beaten track,  a business traveler with a few free days,  feeling stressed,  hate trip planning,  want more than typical crowded attractions or you are simply, a bather like me?

Then these trips are for you.

These are luxurious trips for the adventure traveler. You need to love bathing, rituals, and beautiful natural locations that most tourists don’t take the time to explore.  These aren’t $50 TripAdvisor tours nor are they elderly land cruises.

Where Ever I am I Bathe

My hot water fascination started as a teenager in the ‘70’s when my Mom dragged me to nudist colonies in Southern California.  (You’ll have to come on the tour to get that story…) I soon discovered that hot water bubbles to the surface all over California and I frequent many hot springs all over the state. Living in San Francisco,  I discovered eastern bathing rituals. When I met my future husband in Amsterdam, I understood that Europeans have a rich bathing history as well.  Hot water is everywhere.

This year on a trip to Southern California to visit my daughter, we discovered a Korean spa nearby.  Korean spa!  I am so excited that there is a new discovery for me. As I lay on the warm tile floor, I thought to myself:  I want to share this!  I want to share the Korean scrub, the Japanese bath, the happy lithium water, the rich sulfur water, the thermal volcanic ash, the clay mud and more.

Here They Are:

Northern California Bathing

San Francisco. Meet up to ten new friends for a day immersed in the beautiful Kabuki bath house to experience Japanese style baths, Shiatsu massage and traditional sushi lunch. After your day of relaxation, you explore SF and have a great rest.

We meet at our luxurious Mercedes Sprinter van for a leisurely cruise to the Calistoga Valley with some sightseeing along the way. After checking into our hotel, we proceed to the world renown Indian Springs Resort where prehistoric volcanic ash is mixed with thermal geyser water for a truly unique and classically Calistoga mud bath followed by lunch and a day luxuriating in their classic Olympic sized soaking pool.

We board our Sprinter van and take the beautiful drive north to historic Wilbur Hot Springs.  We soak in natural mineral hot waters flumes, enjoy the spring-fed swimming pool, splendid vistas and miles of peaceful, walking trails. Here you will also eat catered meals and enjoy peaceful quiet.  This is a CLOTHING OPTIONAL resort .

We return to San Francisco, blissful, relaxed, and happy.

Southern California Bathing

You meet up to ten new friends in Irvine, CA (John Wayne Airport) for a day immersed in the beautiful ISpa bath house to experience Korean scrub, massage and a traditional Korean lunch. After your day of relaxation, you can explore Newport Beach, Laguna Beach or other beautiful areas and have a great rest.

We meet at our luxurious Mercedes Sprinter van for a leisurely cruise to Corona, CA. We spend the day in our private cabana experiencing the amazing Glen Ivy Hot Spring Resort where you will soak in seven different types of thermal pools, eat nourishing foods and experience the amazing clay mud grotto unique to Glen Ivy. We will check into our nearby hotel to rest, enjoy the evening and get ready to experience the desert.

We take the beautiful drive east to Desert Hot Springs to soak in naturally occurring, lithium rich, hot, mineral water of Two Bunch Palms. Here you will also eat more yummy meals and enjoy not just the pools and tubs but the massage, yoga, art, walking and activities in abundance at this amazing and beautiful desert resort. That evening you can choose to luxuriate on the property or explore downtown Palm Springs and all it has to offer.


We return to Irvine, blissful, relaxed, and happy.

Plus A Whole Lot More

These adventures are designed for travelers and adventurers who want to experience a truly different side of California, the side that locals don’t discuss so that they can savor it for themselves.

  • Entry and services at all resorts plus special group activities
  • Accommodations included
  • 3 meals included
  • Sensational tour guide
  • Midweek trips
  • Weekend trips
  • Transportation included
  • Loads of Snacks

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