19 Issues Wealth Advisors Face When Hiring

dreamstimefree_138803Discover 19 reasons you might be struggling to hire in a professional office.

Hiring, for instance, in a Wealth Advisory office isn't complicated. Whether the office is for Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors, or Wealth Management Specialist typically, staff consists of someone on the front desk and someone assisting Financial Planners with processing in the back office. Add more Producers, add more staff. Easy peasy, right? Then why does finding the right people often pose such a problem?

Here are 19 ways that hiring in your professional office can go awry:

1.    Your candidate doesn't truly understand confidentiality. 2.    Your candidate doesn't know as much as you do about compliance. 3.    You don't know if your front office candidate is truly congenial. 4.    You don't know if your back office candidate talks too much. 5.    You spend too much time hiring. 6.    You spend too little time hiring. 7.    There are no clear accountabilities for your back office staff. 8.    You haven't tested for personal skills for support staff. 9.    You aren't thinking about the successful behaviors of the job you wish to fill. 10.    You don't understand the attitudes necessary in each job in your office. 11.    You are not treating every job as critical. 12.    You aren't effectively screening candidates for elimination. 13.    You are not benchmarking each job for behavior and skills. 14.    You aren't assessing for behavior and skills. 15.    You are Panic Hiring. 16.    Your hires struggle to follow directions. 17.    You don't know if your back office staff has the necessary attention to detail. 18.    You don't know if your producers can bring in clients. 19.    You don't know if your producer candidate has the motivation to make money. [Tweet theme="basic-full"]Are you Panic Hiring? #endpanichiring[/Tweet] We have hired staff in numerous Wealth Advisory offices and can help to eliminate problems and find exactly the right job match for your office. Learn more about job matching at FailProofHiring.com and get your free ebook, “Hire Your Dream Employees: The Four Secrets of Hiring Well.”
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After the Work Revolution

As posted on Switch and Shift Recently, I was irritated and surprised to find myself in a meeting where I was asked to join a health product multi-level marketing company. As I sternly refused to participate, I said, “While this may be your passion, this is not my passion.” I was then asked, “What is your passion?” “Good question,” I replied. “I am a devotee of the work revolution. I believe passionately in changing the way people work, and the way they survive. That is my passion.” I’m a member of the 99%. These are the millions of us who don’t have the means to capital. The sinking majority who are making headlines are doing so because our wages don’t keep up with our needs. Compare us to the 1% who own the majority of the world’s wealth. I am also an entrepreneur. I believe that I can have more challenge, control, creativity, and cash in my own business than I can in someone else’s. I’ve done that for my entire adult life. However, for most people, this is not the case. Most of the 99% work for someone else and most of those people hate their jobs.
I am an entrepreneur. I believe that I can have more challenge, control, creativity, and cash in my own business than I can in someone else’s.
Most of the people I know don’t even know there is a work revolution. It hasn’t touched them yet. Other people I know believe they are living the dream because they “work for a good company,” or have “work / life” balance. Others think that living the “American Dream” means makes loads and loads of personal, residual wealth, paying staff and contractors as little as possible. However, a movement is growing all around us. A tectonic shift that is eliminating traditional and industrial, twentieth century work habits. It’s the momentum behind telecommuting, virtual offices, and open office space. It’s happening around foosball tables, webinars platforms and, yes, multi-level marketing companies. It is happening in freelance cultures, fast food restaurants and with mobile credit card readers. It really is exciting. Everywhere you look, you can see signs that the revolution is on. This revolution is and should be completely open source. But for better or for worse, there is no agreement as to the desired outcome of this revolution. This begs the question: What will it look like if this revolution is successful? The answer: The elimination of disempowering work for insufficient pay. Period.
A movement is growing all around us. A tectonic shift that is eliminating traditional and industrial, twentieth century work habits. Everywhere you look, you can see signs that the revolution is on.
We will have accomplished something great when even the most menial work becomes empowered, aligned and sufficient. Don’t worry, entrepreneur friends, I’m not talking about skating or subsidies here. I’m talking about putting real meaning and prosperity into everyone’s lives. Labor unions brought us collective bargaining, sick time, and weekends, but now it is time to take it to the next level. I suggest that we embrace these four guiding principles to create a great, open source outcome:
  1. Consensus: Everyone at every level of any organization – no matter how big or small – is brought to the table as a meaningful part of the decision-making process.
  2. Shared Profits: Everyone at every level of any organization is sharing, in a meaningful way, the profitability of that organization.
  3. Flexibility: The end of “work / life” balance and the implementation of a healthy, sustainable life.
  4. Creativity: Everyone is a part of creating the culture they want within any organization they touch. Everyone. All gosh darn 100% of us. Valued for who we are, what we know, and our contribution.
If adopted, these four guiding principles could create the backbone of a successful revolutionary outcome. In a recent interview with Elisa Parker of See Jane Do, she and I were discussing the rise of woman-led entrepreneurship and how that was changing the work landscape. We reached an agreement in that discussion: each woman was bringing an individual, creative element to the businesses they are creating. Now we’re talking. The result of the work revolution is that every business will collectively make their own rules, their own culture, their own values, and their own mission. When each organization created is unique, prosperous, and sustainable for every person who touches it, we will have recreated work. In the Ted Talk, “Radical Wisdom for a Company, a School, a Life” Ricardo Semler discuss how he began to question everything. In the same way, I challenge you to look around yourself and challenge everything. Once you start doing that, look at your work and imagine the result of creating it the way you and the people you work with really want it to work. It can be meaningful and prosperous for all. That is transformational and revolutionary. The only foundational guidelines are the following: Decide collectively. Share the wealth. Be flexible. Be creative. Imagine what the world will look like after that revolution.  
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iGeneration-The Whole World in His Hands

As posted on Talent Culture I'm not waxing poetic about the spiritual carol. I'm talking about my 17-year-old son. Most of what is being written about this generation (1996-current, which is 23 million strong in the U.S.) is about what the heck to call them: Generation Z, Plurals, Media Gen, or iGen, which seems to be winning. I say, who cares?

img_0Let's talk about what it’s like to work with iGen, because they are very different from their Millennial big brothers and sisters.

My kid shakes his head at Facebook and stares blankly at the thought of reading a paper bound book. This new generation that is hitting your workplace as I write is serious about adventure and integrating into something that is meaningful to their intimate tribe. Unlike his older sister who was born eight years ahead of him, this kid was a baby during 9/11 and has no memory of it. It is simply his historical reality, as is a large volunteer military that fights and creates heroes and madness in sandy places. And, I may add, attracts his serious nature. The American dream is alive and well.  But the Great Recession has made him serious about work (not school, but work) and driven to consume.  And because he is only 17, he's not really clear, yet, which comes first. Because most of his salient life has been in a time of loss and shortage, he has no illusion that he is “entitled.” He is not. He will work hard and be happy for that work. He just wants to be treated with respect. Disrespect him, and he is out the door. Since all of his life has been spent learning thus far, he knows that if he wants to know something he has access (in his hand) to the largest encyclopedia ever... YouTube. He can fix a motorcycle, reboot an operating system, have sex, or bake a pie by watching a short video series. "The iGen generation was born with consumer-driven capitalism at its core and altruism at its heart. Never before has there been a generation so globally plugged in and so informed." Stefan Pollack, PR Weekly He knows that with Prime, things arrive on his doorstep, in two days, with one click. The whole world in his hands. And, contrary to popular thought, he's not as social (as in social media) as his sister. He has access to an even quieter roar. A network of friends and influencers who will quietly (and by that I mean so his parents can't hear) guide his choices and decisions in a new and private language: TXT. The Center of Generational Kinetics: •    " To say that this generation will be hooked to their smart phones at work is an understatement. iGen’s future supervisors and managers will have to know that leaving their cell phone at home—or even leaving it in a drawer—is simply not an option for this new generation." Here is some of their reality: •    They are a highly integrated group. Race matters less. Heck, they grew up with the first black U.S. president. •    Sexism is rampant (raging body issues, 24/7 available porn, trafficking, and sexting) but feminism is leaning in. •    Bullying creates rampages. •    Gay and transgender is the new normal. •    Marijuana is legal. (Thanks, Grandma!) •    The globe is warming. •    Our food is making us sick. •    Cars drive themselves. •    Everyone’s a star. •    It is entirely possible to be a billionaire at 20. Working with iGen? You'll have to study them carefully and quietly, and don't make any sudden moves. The Urban Dictionary.com: "They are driven by endless possibilities and are actively exploring them—jobs, travel, love, sex, identity, and location. This generation collects experiences more than money." Here are my observations about the one I know: •    He doesn't want his time wasted. •     He wants the lowdown quickly. •     He can and will learn it himself. •     He will – no matter what —talk to his friends via text. All day long. •     He expects an immediate reply. •      He learns about products from friends and influencers, not media—social or otherwise. •      He takes pictures and videos of everything and anything. •      He will rate you, your product, your job site, your attitude to his tribe. All day long. •      He knows to protect his online reputation. •      He works hard for people who show concern for him. •      He will blow off anyone who bores him. •       He doesn't want fake motivation. •       He sees through insincerity. The peak of the iGen generation are in college now and trough are babies. They are posturing to take on the serious societal challenges that face us. They are a cultural, generational force, and I believe that if Millennials are the creative generation, then iGen has the capacity to focus and be problem-solvers. Pay attention: iGen really does have the whole world in their hands.
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(As also appeared on SWITCH AND SHIFT) boy_using_tablet-featYesterday, in my email box, there appeared a letter from a friend. After opening it, I could see this email was clearly an affiliate letter written in clean marketing copy. I rolled my eyes. In a fit of exasperation and New Year’s resolution, I had hit UNSUBSCRIBE on over 30 lists on last New Year’s Day. But here it was again: the long-copy sales letter in my email box, insidiously asking me to CLICK HERE. This compelling copy was inviting me to attend a webinar to learn about sales from a master. What made him a master? He was capable of selling $100,000 coaching packages. Wouldn't I want to learn to do something like that? Well, then... CLICK HERE.   Truth be told: If you want to sell in today's world, you must understand the world of the CLICK. As a student of online marketing, I've spent the last seven years studying the psychology, techniques, analytics, and platforms for making the modern dream of the four-day workweek come true. I launched over five products, did multiple list building activities, affiliated with others, and directed marketing efforts for multiple clients. Some have been successful, most have not—but here is the premise of my story: This guy didn't want to teach me how to sell $100,000 coaching packages. He wants me to buy a $100,000 coaching package, and in so doing, I'll see EXACTLY how he does it. And this makes me feel like prey. And, quite frankly, it makes me ill. In my prior article The Case for AntiGuruism ,  I tried to articulate our new craving for collectivism, collaboration, and inclusion as opposed to guru worship. And this long copy letter in my mailbox, while effective, is the engine of guruism. Now I recognize it. This email is not the type of authentic communication that we crave. It is modern sales hookwinkery. And we are running down the proverbial aisle to learn how to do it. Today's experts nod to the power of the email list (How big is yours?) and Facebook is monetizing on your event's clicks. How will we transcend “hunt and kill” behavior? How will we replace guruism and the drive to outwit, dupe, and fleece the vulnerable? I pose this question: If this modern sales method were to be a temporary aberration, what is its better replacement? Dan Pink talks about cravings in his book Whole New Mind.  (Of course, Dan also wrote a brilliant book all about selling, called To Sell is Human. He says that there are six new cravings in our modern world: Design. Story. Symphony. Empathy. Play. Meaning. This list is the very definition of authenticity.  Whenever I am thinking about how to be authentic, especially in sales, I use this as a checklist: Am I creating value in one of these areas? John Stepper gives a more elementary but directive example in his book  Working Out Loud. John says that it is giving, a truly giving mentality, that creates sales reciprocity: “Working Out Loud starts with making your work visible in such a way that it might help others. When you do that – when you work in a more open, connected way – you can build a purposeful network that makes you more effective and provides access to more opportunities.” Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.15.33 AM Jonathan Mead in his blog Paid to Exist  explains tribe building beautifully. He says it takes “Vision, Shared Purpose, Identity, Ideal Members: Field Recruits, Torchbearers and Ambassadors, and Cultural Engagement” to create a tribe. Let's combine these three ideas into a more enlightened sales equation: Authenticity + Reciprocity + Tribe = Prosperity In some respects, nothing has changed over time. The best buying experiences are those where we feel heard, respected, and as if we are receiving a gift. But now, more than ever before, we absolutely must take the hunter, the victim, and shame out of the equation. I challenge you to decide what you want in your email box and make sure that what you put in someone else's box is transparently authentic, open, and open source, with a clear purpose that speaks honestly to the tribe you want to be a part of.  Beyond that, make it a gift. Whether you are a single person or a part of a large organization, the game is the same. Be the person you want to meet, and strive to make sales the gift that brings prosperity to all.
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Sacramento Women’s Expo – Leadership Speaker

Last year I attended and spoke at this extravaganza. What I know is that I wore the wrong shoes. After my presentation I walked through every booth and completely had a “Girl” moment. It was massively girly and a load of fun. I came away with a ton of samples, bought some cool stuff and met some great people.

This year, softer, flatter shoes.

Looking for a great girlfriend day? Join me at the Expo! (I even have a few free tickets if you ask quickly.)

Sacramento Women's Expo 10-24-15 Flyer

Here is everything you need to know:

Sacramento Women’s Expo

McClellan Conference Center
Saturday, October 24, 2015
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


11:00am with Ruth Schwartz

Unlock Your Leadership Genius

Ready to feel as if you are in your Super Power – every day? Then you are ready to stand profoundly in your genius. Imagine unlocking your genius and helping others unlock their genius as well.

In this presentation you will learn to:
• Understand the behavior and motivations that define your genius
• Identify and harness your unique leadership style
• Recognize the genius of others.

When you step into your unique leadership style and genius, you will be free to pursue what is truly important to you and become respected and effective as a leader.

CLICK HERE to learn more about mine and the other workshops happening all day.

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Hire the Right People Workshop

5-characteristics-to-look-for-in-every-potential-new-hireTurn-over can cost your organization between 150% to 300% of the annual salary for every person that leaves your company. Ruth Schwartz, business coach, has developed a hiring program and this workshop to help businesses hire the right people. She can help you walk away with a working hiring system to use over and over again. Ruth will give you all the tools and concepts you need to end  turn-over turmoil and have a great team aligned perfectly to you, your vision, and your business. 

Sierra Commons 792 Searls Avenue, Suite A, Nevada City, California 95959 Sep. 9  6-9 PM   BUY A  TICKET HERE

In this workshop you will learn:

• To hire with precision

• The one question that will dramatically change your success rate

• How to create alignment in your team

• To eliminate 80% of the hiring work

• Create a proven system that works over and over again

Ruth Schwartz will show you that every business can be profitable when it has a hiring system. This is not theory or a lecture. This is a workshop. Come ready to create or recreate the best plan for your business.

Sierra Commons 792 Searls Avenue, Suite A, Nevada City, California 95959 Sep. 9  6-9 PM   BUY A  TICKET HERE

or Call Ruth at 530 802-2075

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Connecting the Motivational Dots

You know when you have your complainy pants days and someone is within earshot? Ok. So I had one (or two) of those recently. It has worked out just fine and everyone had a good laugh. But then Ray Brun put this video in my email box. It is a bit over the top but it is intense in being unrelentingly motivational.

The message? Stop being a gosh awful complainy pants and… get er done. There is a part of me that values the sentiment. The other part that runs, crying. The reason?  Appreciating that the hard stuff of life is well… hard. We know the hard stuff  builds character. We know the hard stuff is what powers the most change. And yet, we also know that the hard stuff is no fun!

While this video may be a bit over the top with its athletes meet Steve Job/ Ashton Kutcher script but dang, it is connected the motivational dots for me.  Let me know what you think.

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Silence is Golden

Here is the nail in the coffin of coaching, consulting, performance enhancement and training. But as a contrarian, I love Derek Sivers talking for 3 minutes about how NOT to achieve your goals, how many psychologists know it, and how it is the best kept secret. Thank you,  Jeff Shore for sending it to me. This has been a hard lesson for me, yes Silence is Golden.

Watch it.  Share it. And by all means, comment.

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A few words on public speaking

Nancy Duarte is an expert in presentation design and principal of Duarte Design. She is the author of slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations. This lovely presentation is about how to create a persuasive speech by showing how two master communicators did it. I find it inspirational and I want all my speaker friends to take note.  Whether or not you consider yourself a speaker, if you’ve seen it, see it again, and if you haven’t, watch it now.

Click Here to see her TedTalk.

PS: A special shout out to all of my Toastmaster friends, you’ll love this video!

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Rethinking The Normal

Have you seen the “It Was Never a Dress” advertising campaign?

This campaign was developed for women in tech conferences. Axosoft who created the video, produces project management software but the campaign takes an iconic image and reminds us that sexual stereotypes are everywhere. It is a minute of pure inspiration where you may not have even considered a thought. I love how they rethought a normal, ubiquitous image to make it cool. 

CLICK HERE to read the article about this campaign in Ad Age Magazine. 

In the meantime, what other ubiquitous images, phrases, or sounds do we tolerate without thinking? And how can we creatively turn them on their heel? Let me know what you think when you see this one, and let me know if you have any other pet peeves we can collectively address (no pun intended).

PS: Axosoft is a “flat” organization and does not have any managerial titles. Double bravo, Axosoft.

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