Are you a Leader? A Busy Business Owner or Executive?

Do You Answer Yes to Any of These Statements?

  • I Am A One Person Work Machine

  • If I Don't Do It, It Won't Get Done

  • I Manage Everyone's Time

  • People Don't Listen to My Instructions

  • I'm Tired All of the Time

Then You Owe it to Yourself to

Unlock Your Leadership Genius and Simplify Your Life

  • Feel Rested

  • Be Productive

  • Stop People and Task Management

  • Gain Respect

Create the organization, team and life you truly want.  Articulate your vision, purpose, strategies and actions. Identify and minimize obstacles to make your dreams come true.

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About Me

I’m Ruth Schwartz, and I help help leaders to identify and articulate their unique leadership genius and then create the organization, team and life they truly want. And… I truly appreciate this struggle. I created a $10 million music distribution company and managed it for over 23 years.  I learned to value transparency and lots of communication.  But I struggled like any business owner to hire the right people, understand and appreciate what everyone’s strengths and manage the business in the best way I could. READ MORE

About My Book

“This book chronicles my story about how I built a $10 million music distribution business and how I learned over 20 years how to create a business that ran without me.  You don’t have to take 20 years. I’ll help you do it THIS year.” – Ruth Schwartz

Paperback: The Key to the Golden Handcuffs: Stop Being a Slave to Your Business

Ebook:  The Key to the Golden Handcuffs: Stop Being a Slave to Your Business