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Align Your Team, Gain Respect And Feel Great

Your employees have good intentions, but do they handle tasks the way you like?  Are you running ragged getting work done, putting out fires, and keeping everyone else happy?

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You can be more successful while feeling relaxed, less stressed, and more respected. This kit will tell you how.

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Fatigue, Overwhelm, and Burnout? Every Business Owner Can Feel Passionate about Their Business, Again

This Report Will Tell You HowBusiness Guide

Turn the tide easily and effectively:  Be Calm, Admired and Successful

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What's Inside the Small Business Owners' Survival Guide?

  • 1

    You don't have to know everything.

    Is your brain working overtime? No wonder your exhausted.

  • 2

    Rather than knowing the answers, knowing the questions is powerful.

    Make other people important, valued and smart.

  • 3

    Stop doing it all.

    It's OK not to do everything. Let other people do some of that stuff.

  • 4

    The best question ever: Can you help me?

    People are wired to help. It makes us feel good.

  • 5

    Start being a great communicator.

    It’s the most important thing you can do for everyone's happiness, including your own.

What's Inside the Successful Small Business Owners' Survival Kit?

  • 1

    Multitasking is not a virtue.

    What is the science of effectiveness? Single tasking.

  • 2

    One simple rule will keep you refreshed.

    You can't be relaxed when you are burned out.

  • 3

    Stop reinventing the wheel.

    Systems run the business and people run the systems.

  • 4

    What technology are you using?

    You can take advantage of all the code that's ever been written.

  • 5

    Scale your business

    Lots of people are ready to do the tasks you don't want to do. And it doesn't cost a lot.

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Start with a Leadership Genius Quick Start Focus Session.

Includes a comprehensive, scientific online assessment that enables business owners, managers, executives and leaders at any level to understand their behaviors and motivations.

“It is amazing how someone can sit down with you for an hour and rework all the basis assumptions you have. My plan and business model were completely transformed.”  Gabriel Moss,

“Ruth has quickly pointed me toward tools that really work. She has helped me in efforts to refine our operation by breaking down myths and opening my eyes. She cuts to the chase, listens very well and is a pleasure to work with.”  Michael LaMarca,

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