This is the sixth year that I have walked with my team, the “Camptonville Buddies” in the Nevada County Relay for Life and raised money for the American Cancer Society. I walk because of my love and admiration for my team captain Judy Morris and her partner Paula who is fighting the fight of all fights with cancer. I also walk for Joan, who, this year, walked with spunk at my side, a survivor. I walk with my neighbors for my neighbors.

I also think that the Relay is one of the most ingenious and powerful fund raising events I’ve ever attended. 100% of all the time and products are donated (except for one irritating DJ) and all the cash raised on and off the field goes to ACS. It is emotional, peaceful and raffle oriented- its fun. (Everyone’s a winner!) Little Nevada County raised over $125K so far this year. Fantastic.

My friend, Carol Scofield, did the keynote to close the event on Sunday. I was exhausted from not sleeping and she could have farted and I would have cried. But she was perfect. I caught Carol on the last lap. Here is what she had to say about her experience.


Ruth Schwartz

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