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2011 Top Ten Things I did and Learned

My year has been a tremendous year of learning. I am going to post my TOP 10 things I have done and learned this year which I will complete by sunset. Please join me! #10 I can win both a

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Video of “Helen Attridge’s Amazing Journey”

I couldn’t believe the first time I heard this story. I wasn’t sure what
to think of this crazy, energetic woman.

Why am I sending you her story? Because I have had
the opportunity to know her, to experience her training, to achieve
my coaching certification with her and I can tell you that she changed
my life. I’m thinking that you may want that same experience I had.

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My Top 10 Learnings from the Academy of Coaching and NLP

Ruth’s Top 10 Learnings from ACN:

I attract the right things.
Anything’s Possible
We have all the resources we need
If you talk too much, you are working too hard
The client is in the driver’s seat
People know the answers
People want to be listened to deeply
Ask powerful questions
The more discomfort, the closer you are to your big dream
You can create the life you want

Coaching Training 5- The Saga Continues

We are on day 10 of a 21 day intensive training. People are feeling all kinds of crazy things. They are tired, inspired, angry, insecure. The group is jostling around and I feel the same way

Coaching Training 4

TGIF. I am glad to get to head home tonight. I am also feeling a bit preoccupied with my own personal interactions and considering how a group – especially a group as intensive as this – can keep the love going all the time, for everyone.

Coaching Diary- 3

But still I find that my limiting belief is to work myself to the bone because I have to. That is my coaching “aha.” By the time we are committing to new habits I find myself digging in my heels.

My Coach Training Diary- Intro

I’ve never kept a public diary. I’m actually not keen on private diaries either. But a 21 day intensive training is begging for it. I have decided to be brave and let you know what I am experiencing. For better or worse. Your comments are welcome.

Have you ever thought of becoming a certified coach?

I decided that I’m going to do it. I am going to enter into the Academy of Coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Processing) program and become a certified coach.

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