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How do Leaders Develop Boundaries?

People want to be heard. To protect your boundaries make sure that you communicate in advance about how you operate. Create a system that you use consistently. Make sure that it is working and that your customers like it. Somewhere in the system, give them an opportunity to give you feedback.

What is your clear and compelling leadership mission and vision?

Now you: What is your purpose? The one you feel you are on the planet to accomplish? The big juicy one that may or may not have to do with your business product or service? Take your time. Think it through. When you get it it will seem so easy, like taking a breath.

My Employees are not Motivated

You may have heard me say that you can not motivate other people. Motivation comes from an inner sense of contribution to something bigger than ourselves. So the question I am really asking here is:
“How can I get my employees to care as much about my business as I do?”
The answer:
“Create a culture where they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.”

I Don’t Have Enough Money

No matter how big or small (just you?), it is time to gather your team. The more brains gathered the better. Start by brainstorming your strengths and weaknesses. Create and review a budget. Analyze the development and delivery of your product. Review pricing and margins. Create a sales and marketing plan. Create goals. And if you don’t know how to do this, get help.

I Don’t Have Enough Time

Why do you need more time? What would you do if you actually found yourself with the available time you crave? Would you build your business? Complete big projects? Relax and renew? Most of us know exactly what we would do, yet we allow ourselves to get buried in the avalanche of management and our task list.

2011 Top Ten Things I did and Learned

My year has been a tremendous year of learning. I am going to post my TOP 10 things I have done and learned this year which I will complete by sunset. Please join me! #10 I can win both a

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NPR: Athletes Have Coaches. Why Not Everyone Else?

I happened to be in the car on Friday when I heard NPR air this interview on career and life coaching play – repeatedly. As a coach I really enjoyed it. When I went looking for it on the web, I also enjoy the comments.

The Art of Asking Questions

Many of the executives I coach have been thinking and learning about asking lots of and good questions. I was pleased that the Harvard Business Review put this in my in box

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Meet Generation Z

While working on my upcoming book, I went looking for more info on Generation Z, the oldest of whom are turning 17 or 18 this year… We thought we weren’t ready for Gen Why, get ready gang, we still have work to do to make great workplaces.

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How do Professionals Get More Business?

Just like we forget to ASK for the sale, many of us have a bad habit of wanting referrals but not actually ASKing for them. So I push others as well as myself to develop a referral program and then, ASK for the referral.

I am coaching an attorney (or two) and I find that they, along with financial planners and CPAs are looking for more – let me say – dignified ways to grow their businesses, especially their referral business.

Here is an interesting post from about asking for referrals. I like it!

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