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Authenticity Short List

What is Authenticity? Most of us struggle to understand the idea of “being authentic. I know I have. What the heck does that even mean? (To follow up with my Facebook Live 30 day Leadership Challenge.) Its been a few years

After the Work Revolution

The result of the work revolution is that every business will collectively make their own rules, their own culture, their own values, and their own mission. When each organization created is unique, prosperous, and sustainable for every person who touches it, we will have recreated work.


I challenge you to make sure that what you put in someone’s email box is transparently authentic, open, and open source, with a clear purpose that speaks honestly to the tribe you want to be a part of.

I Have Give Back Shame

It is amazing to appreciate the differences in people and the variety of experiences we bring to the world. Let’s not assume that everyone should be striving to give or “give back,” but acknowledge that, in fact, we have a rainbow of possible choices to give in our own unique way.

How to Be Creative

Instead of churning on the hamster wheel of the day-to-day, facing burnout, dullness, and a lack of inspiration. What if we didn’t? What if we didn’t push, push, push? Didn’t listen to the incessant drum beat of “Do more. Be more. Do more. Be more.”

Changing the Rules

  My friend, Robert, who was entering into a new career asked me if I would help him with his speech presentation. We set up a meeting to discuss it. When I arrived, I found he had brought another friend with

5 Steps to Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet

First reflect on the year you completed. Do you think it is valuable to stop and look at the progress you’ve made? When events don’t happen as we like or we plan, we tend to look at the horizon and get frustrated that we can never seem to reach it. And then what do we do? We get frustrated, we spin our wheels, get overwhelmed, throw stuff at the walls, give up.

Hiring with your Gut

Have you ever followed your gut instinct when hiring someone you thought was perfect for the job and ended up with a bad employee? Or have you ever hired a friend and then had to fire them? There is great risk in using these old methods of hiring. It’s time for a new hiring system.

Are your Employees Crazy?

Why put up with a crazy employee when you could have a great one? We’ve all had bad hires. Some people are really crazy. But most people who appear crazy are actually people in the wrong jobs. Are your employees really crazy or is it your job that is making crazy?

Are you Afraid to Hire?

If you were in business in 2008/9 if is likely that you downsized your business. The result was that we all contracted our businesses and started to wear more hats with fewer people, make due with less and hoard cash like slot machines.