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Will a Hiring Process Work For Me?

Hiring Process

Don’t dread hiring; instead, create a process that will work for you over and over again. I’ve seen the results and I want to share them with you. Learn how

Join the Self-Care Revolution

There is an important event in Santa Fe this week. If you are anywhere close by or can be anywhere close, these folks are creating an amazing self-care earthquake. Even if you can’t be there, be sure to sign up

Are You Ready to Hire Your Dream Employees?

Make your life easier today and hire your dream employees using the Fail Proof Hiring System.

The Fail Proof Hiring Program Workshop

Are You Seeking Freedom for Yourself In Business? Make your life easier today and hire your dream employees: Put the right people in the right jobs.

Stop Managing and Start Leading Workshop

Are You Seeking Freedom for Yourself in Business? Stop Managing People! I’ll show you how to find freedom using powerful techniques.

Passion into Action 2012

I am getting so excited about this year’s See Jane Do: Passion into Action Conference. This year I proudly get to bring my own passion to my own breakout session: Women and the Business 2.0 Revolution

Got Questions?

Please join me on Thursday, May 17th- tomorrow at 9AM PDT as I
host a Q&A telecall about the six month program, “Free by
Thanksgiving.” This program will start right after Memorial Day so
that we can get finished by the holidays. If you commit by the end
of tomorrow you get the super duper price and a bunch of bonuses
worth thousands of dollars.

I know that this program will change your life and your business
forever. That is why I am sure that you have questions.

If you are ready to find freedom for yourself in your business and
allow your staff to love your business as much as you do… get on
the call.

Join me at Phone Number: (206) 402-0100 Pin Code: 529338#

“I Need a Marketing Plan!” Workshop

“I Need a Marketing Plan!” Workshop

What should you do and what shouldn’t you do? How do you know if it is working? How much should you spend? Prepare the right plan for you and get ready for results.

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Join the New Economy: Make Money With Your Know How Workshop

People may be hanging on to their money these days, but one thing they will buy is the expertise of someone who knows more than they do about something important to them. Whether you have done something for a long time, studied a subject in depth or are great at teaching some-thing interesting, you can join the new economy: People who are making money leveraging their expertise.

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Winter 2012 – Business Tune Up Workshop Series for Business Leaders

Winter 2012 – Business Tune Up
Workshop Series for Business Leaders

Sponsored by High Performance Advocates, Sierra Commons and The Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce

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