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How To Create The Most Effective Hiring Process

Hiring System

I was recently interviewed on  Business Direct’s podcast and wanted to share it with you here. I’ve also summarized the key points of my interview below, so keep reading! How To Create The Most Effective Hiring Process Hiring is a

The Leadership Pipeline

“I tell my employees that if they are going to complain about something, they must also come with the solution.” The problem with that statement is that employees don’t always know how to bring up the solution, don’t feel they

“Let’s Ban the Org Chart!”

We typically think of organizational charts as a set of vertically stacked boxes that represent people and their job descriptions. Additionally, the chart illustrates who reports to whom and the hierarchy of the company. And this is generally how we

How Do You Pay Your Employees?

Recommendation: Tie Compensation to the Profitability of Your Business So far you’ve learned about the following open-book management principles I’ve successfully used as a business coach and owner: You’ve learned your numbers. You are sharing and teaching your employees how

It’s Time to Play Games

Small business management can be fun when you play games to teach employees how to impact the bottom line of your business and everyone’s a winner . . .

What are Your Key Performance Indicators?

Everybody should be aware of each other’s KPIs. Open-book management is all about shared knowledge. And in my fifth post about open-book management, I want to talk about key performance indicators. Everyone notices something in their job. There is a metronome

Be a Teacher – Teach the Numbers

In my last post in the open-book management series, I discussed the importance of understanding your financial statements. In this post, I share with you how to teach your financial statements to your employees. When I started coaching in 2007ish,

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I’d Rather Poke My Eye Out Than Read My Financial Statements

  What might you gain from becoming an open-book company? This is post #3 of my Open-Book Management Series. Today we are going to get practical and talk about how to share financial information in your business, a key aspect of

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Your Beliefs About Money

Creating an open-book company creates a lot of anxiety. Are you afraid that you will be judged harshly by your employees if you share financial information? What are your beliefs about transparency in business? I think I have heard them

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What is an Open-Book Company?

The Business 2.0 Revolution is one where people work to accomplish together what they cannot do alone. When we decide to share information and share the results of our labor in relation to the risk we take, we all prosper.This