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Sacramento Women’s Expo – Leadership Speaker

Ready to feel as if you are in your Super Power – every day? Then you are ready to stand profoundly in your genius. Imagine unlocking your genius and helping others unlock their genius as well. Come hear me at Sacramento Women’s Expo.

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Silence is Golden

As a contrarian, I love Derek Sivers for 3 minutes about how NOT to achieve your goals, how many psychologists know it, and how it is the best kept secret.

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I Just Got Rid of Power Point Forever!

Think of it. Not more powerpoint! I joined the world of Prizi.

I just made my first Prizi presentation for my upcoming workshop on March 23rd. You can see all about Prizi and in fact my Regain Your Sanity – Time Management for Business Owners presentation below. You can also learn more about getting rid of powerpoint forever and using this simple and dynamic tool at

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“Belief” by Seth Godin

Diane Dileo gave me a copy of Seth Godin’s Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us” to read. His thesis is that since we are not limited by geography anymore, being a leader is easier than ever as your tribe

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People Don’t Want to be Managed – They Want to be Led!

“People Don’t Want to be Managed – They Want to be Led!” is a motivational presentation about changing the role of managers and leaders at all levels of your organization in order to build a committed workforce. Learn to recognize

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