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Are Your Ready For a Change?

How do mature, successful business owners, and professionals start to get more life out of their life?

Mastermind Board Member in the News. Go Kelly Shrader

I have been a yogi for many years and I often practice at Grass Valley Bikram Yoga. I also have the pleasure of knowing Kelly as a member of one of Nevada County’s most prolific mastermind groups. Here she is in Friday’s local edition of The Union newspaper. Go Kelly!

Wow- TAB Member makes headlines

I opened up my mail this morning and here is an announcement right from the Grass Valley Chamber updates newletter. Way to go Stan!

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Michael Anderson, of Clientworks speaks at Executive Learning Lunch

Michael Anderson of local Nevada County IT Firm, Clientworks, Inc spoke on the subject of data back ups during his presentation, “What is the Cloud?” I think that everyone at yesterday’s Executive Learning Lunch will agree that he had a lot of information for us and luckily he didn’t give it all to us at once.

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Business Executive Lunch- “What is ‘The Cloud”- April 19th

What is “The Cloud”?
by Michael Anderson, Clientworks, Inc.Business owners everywhere are being asked to “send their computers into the cloud.” It sounds interesting, but what does it really mean?

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Christina Hills Live WordPress Workshop on Sat.

We are really lucky ducks. If you aren’t aware that we have an internet celebrity in our midst, you should be now. Christina Hills of Website Creation Workshop and Shopping Cart Queen commands a big ticket for her on line

Last Week’s Great Moment

I have currently been working with four business owners on getting clear about the structure of their business. Why? Because no one in these particular companies knows what they were supposed to be doing or how they impact the big

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Father’s Day with Wolf Creek Wilderness

If my father were alive, I’d be kayaking on Scotts Flat Lake in Grass Valley, CA. Oh, who am I kidding. My Dad wouldn’t be caught dead in a Kayak. My son and I went last year and had a

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Robert Trent talks about Sierra Commons

My series about Sierra Commons, the business incubator in Nevada City, CA continues. Here is executive director Robert Trent talking about what he is trying to accomplish.

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Judy Nichols teaches business owners how to read financial statements.

Last month Judy Nichols, local CPA, taught members of The Alternative Board how to read their balance sheet. It is surprising how boring that sounds and yet, for this group, how interesting it really was. Look out for Judy teaching