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Disc Behavior Assessments and Motivators Reports Available Here

I did it. I finally trained and became a distributor or DISC Behavior and Motivator assessments.

Here are some great things you can do with these assessments:

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May 26th – Workshop- “101 Marketing Ideas to Get the Right Customers”

“101 Marketing Ideas to Get the Right Customers”

The old saying is: “I know that half of my marketing is working I just don’t know which half.” Find out about new tools and marketing ideas and how to find the right one for your business.

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May 17th Executive Learning Lunch – Create Simple and Easy Email

“The 4 Secrets of Easy and Simple Email Blasts”

By Carol White of Winter Street Design Group
Ever wonder if anyone reads your email newsletters or if it is worth the effort? Do you ever wish there were an easier way to create a more effective email campaign to bring more customers to your business?

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Michael Anderson, of Clientworks speaks at Executive Learning Lunch

Michael Anderson of local Nevada County IT Firm, Clientworks, Inc spoke on the subject of data back ups during his presentation, “What is the Cloud?” I think that everyone at yesterday’s Executive Learning Lunch will agree that he had a lot of information for us and luckily he didn’t give it all to us at once.

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Local News, a curse and a blessing

Cheryl Nobel did a great job of writing me up and sending my interview into the Union for their weekly “One the Job” column in the Monday business section. But who can account for the hideous picture that accompanied the article?! I’m sure everyone wants a business coach who looks like she’s on a bender. Ah well, pride goes…

Business Executive Lunch- “What is ‘The Cloud”- April 19th

What is “The Cloud”?
by Michael Anderson, Clientworks, Inc.Business owners everywhere are being asked to “send their computers into the cloud.” It sounds interesting, but what does it really mean?

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Reflections about Time Management Workshop

I have finally found the time to create my top 10 thoughts about last week’s workshop, “Regain Your Sanity. Time Management for Business Owners.”#4 We need to become fully engaged in our lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
#5 We will run ourselves to the point of exhaustion without as much a thought about how that is not a good way to be productive.

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A couple of seats left for Business Round Table tomorrow.

Tuesday at noon: March 15th: Business Executive Learning Lunch – Sponsored by Robertson, Woodford and Summers, CPAs and The Alternative Board

What keeps you awake at night?
The Economy, Sales, Marketing, Raising Capital, Hiring…
What creates excitement all day?
New Products, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Being an employer, New technology…
Come share your thoughts, hear what other local business owners are thinking about and doing to create opportunity in a challenging time.

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If you haven’t heard Brene Brown talk on Vulnerability, do so now.

# Why did I show this Ted Talks video to a group of business owners? After all, Brene Brown is a psychologist and a researcher.
# Because having a place to be vulnerable as business owners is critical, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed. And we are feeling overwhelmed. You?

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Cafe Community Video from Small Business Fair at Sierra Commons

What a great idea Cheryl Noble and Andrew had to make quickie videos for anyone who visited last week’s small business fair at Sierra Commons and The Stonehouse.  Here’s mine with a few words about the fair and The Alternative

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