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All Women CEO Round Table/Alternative Board

Yesterday I had a meeting of one Alternative Board. An Alternative Board is a facilitated peer to peer advisory board or a CEO round table. (If you aren’t sure about what this is click here.) At this particular meeting only

Sign Up For Free Teleseminar

Find out what you can do in the next 90 days to create, re-create, and grow your business. The Village Prospers – The 90 Day Business Success Project. Sign up now for this free one-hour informational teleseminar for business owners

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Coryon Redd Presents at Executive Learning Lunch

We were a bit worried about having to move the location of our Executive Learning Lunch. RWS CPAs moved their offices the week prior to this monthly event and so we moved the lunch to Sierra Commons. Proving that it

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How I Saved My Business posts from the New York Times

Thanks to TAB Member Michael Anderson, President of Clientworks in Nevada City, CA for showing me this feature in the New York Times. I want to make a similar video of you and your company for this blog AND the

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Did you see this yet? Derek Sivers: How to start a movement

I hadn’t seen it yet.  I think its funny. If you are a fan of Seth Godin, and Derek Sivers is accused of hoisting the same video to prove the same point as Godin did previously, you’ll love this tribe

Judy Nichols teaches business owners how to read financial statements.

Last month Judy Nichols, local CPA, taught members of The Alternative Board how to read their balance sheet. It is surprising how boring that sounds and yet, for this group, how interesting it really was. Look out for Judy teaching

Meet Yoland Cookson, Grass Valley Council Member

I met Yolanda a year ago and have been smitten ever since. I admit to not following her (or any other) Grass Valley Council member’s track record. I just appreciate Yolanda and her unrelenting focus on transparency and on “doing

Dickson Construction helps elders stay at home

It is a tough time to be a residential builder. Besides Bruce’s stellar personality and Australian accent, he’s found a way to offer an important service to those people who would otherwise be looking to move into a residential care

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Nevada County Gets TAB award

I just returned from my first TAB facilitators conference. The biggest surprise (not necessarily the biggest take away) for me was that I was awarded, out of hundreds of international facilitators an award for the biggest launch of the last

KUBA – Advertisements for The Alternative Board in Yuba County

KUBA Yuba City advertisment for The Alternative Board [display_podcast]