Day Four:

Yesterday Glenn the Dutchman tells me about his Bikram yoga teacher in Den Haag. That was all it takes. I grab Swiss Mariya at the hotel at 6:30 AM and we meet at Red Dragon Yoga in Mill Valley for the 7AM hot class. Then we go for eggs at Max’s. That is almost the last thing I remember. We have a new teacher now. Jen. Jen talks more and exercises less. I keep falling asleep in my chair. But still I find that my limiting belief is to work myself to the bone because I have to. That is my coaching “aha.” By the time we are committing to new habits I find myself digging in my heels. I don’t need MORE to do. I’m tired! I have three coaches in this day. The thread that binds is fulfilling if not exhausting. I am back to wondering how day 20 will feel. I cancel everything and head back to cousin Shirley’s for a glass of wine.

Day Five:

Rested I take a quick walk up the hill in the AM. I am excited because after class today we are taking a field trip to Muir Woods. I pack my sneekers. But class is good today. My energy is back. I keep chipping away at my belief that working hard, hard, hard is the only path to success. But the real fun starts when I practice patience with Glenn. He notices my practice. But better than that, he has some real juicy things to think about. It works! I know that changing some of my habits will produce better results for coaching clients.

The trip to Muir Woods is excellent. 12 of us drive in 5 cars. It is foggy with sun peaking through. The park is nearly empty and it is free that time of the day. After innumerable pictures Glenn has the best quote, “Americans are the Japanese of today.”

Ruth Schwartz

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