Be an Admired Leader, A Great Communicator and Align Your Team

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Pro-Business Launch Session

What You Get:

  1. Take two Online Assessments in one: Behaviors and Motivators
  2. A 60 Page Report delivered to your inbox for you to keep.
  3. A one hour, private, one on one consultation with Ruth where you discuss:

Your Leadership Genius
Who should be on Your Genius Team.
How you can easily and noticeably be Brilliant with  customers, prospects, partners and employees.
Your Leadership Kryponite and who you should  avoid.

This package is usually $195.00. Craig’s friends pay 50%.

$95 gets you the Leadership Assessment PLUS the PRO-fessional debrief.


No More Managing, Delgating or Motivating

Ruth Schwartz, Business Coach Have a Plan for Next Week with this Free Strategy Session

The Book: The Key to the Golden Handcuffs: Stop Being a Slave to Your Business

Book-Cover-no-cuffsA primer that will take you through the history of punk rock, record distributor Mordam Records and how to set the stage for creating and communicating your values, vision and mission, getting beyond delegation, using the seven principles of alignment, understanding and implementing the principles of High Performance and creating a company that works without you.