The Leadership Genius Assessment

The TriMetrix Leadership Genius Assessment is a comprehensive, scientific online assessment that enables business owners, managers, executives and leaders at any level to understand their behaviors and motivations so that they can unlock their own leadership genius and bring out the genius in others.


Additionally, by identifying the behaviors, drivers, competencies and acumen of individuals and teams any organization can reduce conflicts, increases  retention, improve efficiency and productivity, and energizes groups working together toward common goals.


You can have this powerful, TriMetrix combination: Behavior, Drivers, Competencies and Acumen report prepared for you, your employees, partners, and job applicants.

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Ruth Headshot Version-4Everyone who has ever taken the Leadership Genius Quick Start tells me that it made this assessment pop for them. This one on one session is personal -  is all about you: your behavior, motivations, communication style and leadership genius.


client411Even if you have had a D.I.S.C. assessment before, even if you've had dozens, I highly recommend hiring Ms. Schwartz to take you through it again. That was likely the best spent hour of my month.  The information has become so valuable, not just to my business but also in my personal relationships. The experience is second to none. -  Christine Lusty, LusTea LLC