I’m setting up links in my new website for The Alternative Board Gold Country. I’m creating a recommendation section. I’m posting them here as I go. First and foremost:

Fire Your Webmaster Recommendations

WordPress Wins!

This is a popular story about why to fire your webmaster. I wrote this article a while ago. It is my website story. I find that I am still retelling it weekly.Read More

Three ways to fire your web master.

1) Have the best guide in the world:

Website Creation Workshop – Christina Hills will guide you through eight live modules and the end result is a beautiful, resourceful WordPress website that you can repeat over and over again. This is the Caddie of WordPress training, by far.

2) Do it Yourself:

SmartThink WordPress Training – Rosalie Brown created a tutorial that you can pace yourself. The result is a functional, working WordPress website. You will get the basics and you can repeat those as well. This is the VW of WordPress Training.

3) Have someone design it and hand it over to you:

Winterstreet Design will make a beautiful, functional WordPress site for you and turn it over to you to run. This isn’t really WordPress training but for those of you who want someone to do it for you, I like to recommend the best.

Ruth Schwartz

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