Which way do you go?


Stop looking for customers that aren’t there.
It is not an illusion. People have stopped buying a lot of things. If people aren’t buying your product of service (or not buying enough of your product or service) , there is a reason and it may not be you. Builders aren’t building. Cars aren’t selling. Printers aren’t printing. Some things aren’t holding the same value they used to. People are picky about spendng. Whatever the case, if you think it is just a matter of selling and marketing more, you may be solving the wrong problem.

Develop your Expertise.
You are an expert. So are millions of others on the internet. The great part of democratic communication ( AKA:  the bolgosphere.) is that everyone is welcome and everyone is an expert.  Get used to your expertise and find a way to let others know about it.   Today.

Start a Blog and let your social network grow.
Make sure your website has a blog. Make sure it is linked to your networks on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. At a minimum, create company pages on LinkedIn and Facebook. Invite everyone on your email list. This is a method for you deliver your message once you figure out what it is. If you are an expert at building, tell people about what you know. If you are an expert at hair design, same thing. Keep in mind that those people who get followed online and move successfully on to selling products and sales on the internet  give tremendous value for free. Give away your expertise as much as you can. Then figure out what you can to sell.

Figure out what people are buying.
This may be a brainstorming activity of the greatest magnitude. This suggestion infers that you need to look deeply at your expertise and discover a new way to package, deliver, size, price, design or explain your product or service. I understand that your pride may be on the line or that you are using the method that has always worked in the past. But we are all sophisticated buyers and we have have choices.  Meet your buyer where they are. Don’t expect them to come find you or bend to your specifications.

Create new revenue streams.

Once you figure out your expertise, and your product, now you can figure out how else to sell it. Information has incredible value these days. Leverage your information. Out of that you can find that programs, books, podcasts, products and services sold online- anywhere in the world, is a unique new revenue stream for you. And you may realize that it is less work than your prior method, product and service. You may never want to return. Think deep and broad. Look at the hundreds of examples already working for others online.

There are people buying stuff all over the world. They don’t have to be in your neighborhood. It might not require you to be in theirs. You only have to package yourself to attract them authentically. Stop weeping in your cup. Grab the challenge and let this economy force you from good to great.

Ruth Schwartz

Ruth Schwartz is the author of "The Key to the Golden Handcuffs". She is a high performance business consultant and leadership coach. Connect with Ruth to participate in the conversation. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube .