I took no less than 12 video commercials of attendees at the first GV Chamber table top mixer two weeks ago. There are two reasons that I did this. I love one minute videos with local business people and not only did I get to do a bunch of those, I also caught some agency folks as well.

Secondly, I applaud the efforts of the ambassadors to create new Chamber activities that allow small businesses to really do some business and not just socialize. It makes me, for one, want to attend after hours.

I also think it must have been a terrific fund raiser for the Chamber who is struggling with less grant funding. Hey, if a bunch of business people can’t make money. gosh darn it, who can?

A special nod to Barbie Jackson at Real Life Fitness as organizer and all the other chamber ambassadors who made it happen.

This video is just a look at the room. Keep coming back or sign up to my blog to see more video of folks with tables.

Ruth Schwartz

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