Be a Calm and Inspiring Leader  *  Focus on your Dreams and Unique Talents  *  Stop Managing Employees and Tasks  *  Create a Self Managing Team  *  Re-Energize your Business and Your Life

Are You Wondering If "Coaching" is For You?

  • If you are a thoughtful business owner, CEO, or executive who is frustrated with day-to-day task and employee management and is ready to enjoy your work.

  • If you are an open minded entrepreneur, or executive director thinking about making a transition that will allow you to get more life outside of your business.

(Yup, It's For You)

Three Coaching Programs for the Serious Professional Who Wants to Be the Best That They Can Be

  • The 3 Session High Performance Taster

    Everyone needs a taste in order to understand what leadership coaching is and whether we are a good match. But don’t move too quickly, it takes three sessions to be able to judge.  You can also roll these sessions into a Leadership Coaching ten-session series.

  • The 10 Session High Performance Business Coaching Program

    No one understands what it is like to be in your shoes. Not your friends, your accountant, your employees or your spouse. In ten 60 minute sessions you will combine learning, practice, mentoring, coaching, and accountability to assure your desired results. In addition, get the assessment, the book,  workbooks, updates, ebooks and my attention. If you are ready to make changes, don’t do it alone: Put me on your dream team and go at your own pace.

  • The Business Executive Reboot

    Don’t have time to waste? Want fast results? This is a full day, on site,  one-on-one intensive business coaching session. More focus – fast results. Be a calm and inspired leader. Focus on your dreams and unique talents. Stop managing employees and tasks. Create a self-managing team. Re-energize your business and your life.

    What will you do during your coaching sessions?

    • Rediscover Yourself

      Use assessments and processes to investigate your unique ability, behaviors, motivations, instincts, and strengths.  Explore limiting beliefs that may be holding you hostage. (UA, Trimetrix and StrengthsFinder).

    • Explore your Purpose

      Define, possibly redefine, or even remember your vision, core values, purpose, mission, and your noble cause.  Embrace on the beliefs to support your passions.

    • Design Strategies

      Align who you are, and what you want into business, personal, well-being, and financial micro strategies for managing your strategic actions, activities and energy.

    • Analyze Your Team

      Reposition yourself as a powerful leader, learn communication tools, and how to attain and align others within their unique abilities to help you move toward your dreams leading with vision.

    • Implement an Action and Accountability Plan

      What are the behaviors you need moving forward and how will you be held accountable?

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