Leadership Development

More focus – Less pressure


 Leadership Development Benefits:

  • Be a calm and inspired leader that people admire.

  • Focus on your dreams and unique talents.

  • Stop managing employees and tasks.

  • Create a self-managing team.

  • Re-energize your business and your life.

Who is this Leadership Develop Coaching Program for?

Small business owners, CEOs, and executive directors who are frustrated with day-to-day task and employee management.  And are ready to rethink, reframe and return to the passion of their work.


Small business owners, CEOs, and executive directors who are thinking about making a transition within or out of their business, or organization to get more life outside of their business life.

What will we do?

  • Step 1) Rediscover yourself

Use assessments and processes to investigate your unique ability, behaviors, motivations, instincts, and strengths.  (UA, DISCPIAV, KOLBE, and StrengthsFinder).

  • Step 2) Explore your passions

Define, redefine, or remember your vision, core values, purpose, mission, and your noble cause as well as the beliefs to support your passions.

  • Step 3) Design Micro Strategies

Align who you are and what you want into business and personal micro strategies for managing your activities and your energy.

  • Step 4) Inspire Your Team

Create dynamic communication. Ignite employees’ inner motivation. Take your team to new heights of prosperity through your inspired leadership development.

  • Step 5) Make More Money

Implement action steps and strategies aligned with your purpose to expand your resources.

What you get in this leadership development program:

Six Month (recommended) High Performance Leadership Coaching Program 

  • Two 75 minute one on one phone coaching sessions per month
  • DISC and PIAV assessments
  • Ongoing access directly with Ruth for support, accountability and celebration
  • A copy of the book The Key to the Golden Handcuffs
  • A four-disc audio CD set of The Key to the Golden Handcuffs (Coming soon)
  • A binder filled with workbooks and handouts developed over the last five years


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