Introducing a Hiring System that eliminates the annoying process of collecting resumes, attending stressful interviews, and making gut decisions. 

If you have had a spiral of bad hiring choices. If you simply decided to tolerate your bad hires, telling yourself that’s just the way it goes, or have you decided to do without the help entirely. It is time for a new way.

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Hiring is the Definition of Insanity

  • Resumes tell us how well an applicant prepares a resume.

  • Interviews tell us how well someone interviews.

  • Decisions about hiring are often based on gut instinct not who is the best candidate.

Would you like a system that puts the best person in your job?

1) Uncover the following behaviors:

  • How well someone follows directions.

  • How well someone communicates.

  • If they can manage software and technology.

  • If someone has the minimum skills necessary for your job.

  • If they are determined to work at your company.

2) Save time and money

  • Stop reading and sorting unqualified resumes.

  • Stop calling to set up interviews.

  • Stop interviewing unqualified candidates.

  • Stop talking to people you don’t want to talk to.

  • Stop the unclear decision process.

  • Stop Turnover: It Costs 150 to 300 Times salary to turn over a job

3) Only Interview Who You Want to Hire

Does that sound too good to be true?  I have created and installed a multiple part automated hiring process for many companies and have achieved terrific results.


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The Four Secrets of Hiring Well” EBook


There are no bad employees; there are only the wrong people in your jobs. With Fail Proof Hiring, you will set yourself up for successful hires from the beginning.