This seems to be the topic I’ve been working on the most in the last few months. TAB Members tell me that they hate interviewing, resume reading and the entire hiring process. In addition, they often have hired the wrong people making costly mistakes in timing and possibly with their customers and staff.

This month (June) in Inc. Mag, Jason Freid’s column addressed this topic. While I don’t agree with Jason about his disdain of meetings and I don’t even agree with all his hiring practices, I do LOVE much of what he says is awful about the process of hiring. Here is a clip…

“During interviews, we love when potential hires ask questions. But all questions aren’t equal. A red flag goes up when someone asks how. “How do I do that?” “How can I find out this or that?” You want people who ask why, not how. Why is good — it’s a sign of deep interest in a subject. It signals a healthy dose of curiosity. How is a sign that someone isn’t used to figuring things out for him- or herself. How is a sign that this person is going to be a drain on others. Avoid hows.”

You can read his entire article at

I will be doing a free Lunch and Learn on July 20th dedicated to setting up a 3 step hiring system for your business so that you only hire the people you really want to work with.

Ruth Schwartz

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