“Ruth, I need your help.” Diane sounded anxious on the phone.

“What happened?” I ask

“Business has been very busy. We have all this activity happening suddenly in the hotel and I really need to get out on the floor to be sure that the guests are being taken care of and the staff is keeping up. I’m the only one working the office now and I really need to get someone in the office to manage everything in there.”

“Ok, sounds good,” I say.

“I thought of you because of your hiring program and I want to see if you can help out.” Diane has a bit of a question in her tone as she says this.

“Sure, let’s do it. Let’s discuss what we need to do to get started.” I start. “We should first spend about an hour on your job benchmark and then . . .” I stop as Diane interrupts me.

“Well, you see, I already hired someone.”

“Oh . . .” I trail off again.

“Yeah and well, I have a dear friend who I’ve known for over twenty years. She really loves our hotel and she’s here all the time. She saw how much stress I was under and she offered to take the office manager job for me.”

“Uh-huh,” I urge her on.

“Well, I got her up and running but before I knew it she had created a complete mess.” Diane says.


“She got a lot of the billing wrong. Well, long story short, by the time I noticed what was happening she had upset a number of guests and I had to refund thousands of dollars to them.”

Diane is distraught now.

“Oh my gosh!” I say, “What else?”

“She overpaid some vendors and now I am in a terrible cash crunch.”

“Did you have to fire her?”

“Oh, she quit already. She was so humiliated when the whole thing came to light. But it took me weeks to realize what was going on,” says Diane.

I tell poor Diane, “That sounds like a very difficult and expensive situation. When you are ready to hire again, please let me know and we’ll spend a little up front to save you a lot of money and aggravation on the backend.”

“I wish I had called you first, but I figured that since I’ve known her for so long, that I made a good decision. I just hope that I haven’t lost a friend along with the money I lost,” Diane admitted.

“Yes. That is typically how we all hire people. Sometimes it works out just fine. But so much of the time there is a great risk.”

What do you think? Are you still willing to work with these poor odds? It is time for a new game. One that works better for employee and employer. It is time to put the right people in the right jobs. That’s why I created The Fail Proof Hiring System. Come learn about it and get your free ebook: Hire Your Dream Employees: The Four Secrets to Hiring Well.

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