In the same we forget to ASK for the sale, many of us have a bad habit of wanting referrals but not actually ASKing for them.  So I push others as well as myself to develop a referral program and then,  ASK for the referral.

I am coaching an attorney (or two) and I find that they, along with financial planners and CPAs are looking for more – let me say – dignified ways to grow their businesses, especially their referral business.

Here is an interesting post from about asking for referrals. I like it!


Referrals are often the most effective and efficient way to get new business. Turning those good intentions into action, though, isn’t always easy.

Some lawyers find that asking for a referral can be awkward or uncomfortable. Others are just blind to the opportunity – even if it’s right in front of their faces.

If you’re having trouble reining in referrals, here are three easy ways to kick start the process. read more

Ruth Schwartz

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